CutoverSCEC has officially migrated to Next Generation 911!  The cutover took place this morning shortly after 10:00a.m.  Shown in the photo is Deputy Director Marcie Bristor with the new call handling system and mapping system shown in the background.  The system is a part of the Kansas NG911 Platform.  For more information on Next Generation 911, visit

As luck would have it, the call load increased shortly before the cutover with an over abundance of routine calls in addition to a hazardous materials incident involving an injury accident with a tanker of leaking ethanol.  Day Shift rocked as they handled the increased call load and the cutover, switching workstations midstream.  Good job guys!  Shown below is Watch Supervisor Sandy Dvorak with NG911 coach Perry, testing the new system to ensure all functions and features work properly.


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