work5Here is a wonderful testimonial from Dispatch Supervisor Sandy Dvorak.  “Anyone looking for a career? I started 19 years ago. I was a young mom with no college degree who worked as a waitress and a convenience store cashier!! I would have never dreamed that I was qualified to land such an awesome career!!

The pay is good, the benefits are good, the reward of helping people is above and beyond anything I could have hoped it was. There is stress and there are less than desirable shifts. There are weekends and holidays to work and school programs that will be missed. I have helped deliver a baby. I have helped perform CPR. I have helped put a lost child back in her moms arms. I have prayed and cried with a wonderful man while his wife of many years passed away. I have made lifelong friends of some LE officers, Firefighters, EMS tech’s and other 911 dispatchers from across the state. I wouldn’t change a single thing about securing this career 19 years ago and I wish I could make people understand they ARE qualified for this position!!!

You have to be 18, have a GED and a clean criminal background. If that is you and you are stuck in a job you aren’t thrilled about I hope you will consider applying!!!”


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