Sandy Dvorak has served 20 years

DvorakToday we celebrate the 20th Anniversary of Watch Supervisor Sandy Dvorak!  Sandy began her career with Sumner County Emergency Communications on August 10, 1998 and served as Dispatcher and TAC Officer until her promotion to Watch Supervisor in July 2013.  Not only is Sandy the Watch Supervisor on Day Shift, she is also the primary Trainer, is our local CAD expert, and manages MSAG/in-house GIS issues.  Twenty years is quite an accomplishment in this industry, and we give our heartfelt thanks to Sandy for her dedication, selflessness, and service to the citizens of Sumner County.  Sandy was awarded a 20 year plaque and a SmartWatch as a token of our appreciation.  Congratulations Sandy…and thank you from all of us.   We’re glad you’re on our team!

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