Dvorak accepts position with Huber and Associates

Today we say “so long” to Watch Supervisor Sandy Dvorak. Sandy has served the citizens of Sumner County for over 20 years in the Emergency Communications Department. She has accepted a position with Huber and Associates, vendors of Enterpol Public Safety Computer Aided Dispatch and Record Management Systems software.

Sandy started her career with Sumner County 911 in 1998 and served as a dispatcher until her promotion to TAC Officer. In 2013, she was promoted to Watch Supervisor (shift supervisor) on the night shift, and in 2014 transferred to day shift. She has been instrumental in supervising and leading her shift, training new department members, managing the agency’s Master Street Addressing Guide, and since 2016, managing Sumner County’s Enterpol CAD System. She recently was the recipient of the Departments “Extra Mile” Award as well as the Stork Award she received for helping deliver a baby through telephone instructions. It will never be known how many lives were saved or impacted by Sandy’s professionalism and action.

“It’s always frustrating when you lose an valuable member to the private industry”, said 911 Director John Tracy. “But this is different. Sandy is actually staying in the public safety industry and the position she has accepted is a step up. She is well qualified for the position because of the knowledge and experience she has gained throughout her career, as well as her own efforts to grow professionally. Sandy has jumped at every opportunity to learn and a huge part of her success was the fact that she just didn’t learn how to use the new CAD System, she studied and learned the ins-and-outs of how it worked. Huber and Associates has scored a big gain for their company. So while we’re sad to lose her, we’re also very proud of her accomplishments.”

Sandy will be missed by all of her colleagues who wish her well in the future. “Since Huber and Associates is the vendor of our CAD Software”, continued Tracy, “this isn’t a good-bye. I’m sure we’ll be working with Sandy in the future.”

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