NPSTW wrap-up

We had a great National Public Safety Telecommunicators Week this past week and we would once again, like to thank everyone who sent food, cards, and thoughts. Your kindness means a lot to us.

The week started with a comprehensive tour of the Dispatch Center by the Board of County Commissioners and ended up with a potluck meal on Friday for dispatchers and their family.

Special thanks to Deputy Director Marcie Bristor who spearheaded all of the activities. It took a lot of hard work planning and organizing everything and making sure it all came together; in fact she started planning months ago. Her hard work payed off as the activities were a big success. Thanks also to her husband Keith Bristor who wore the chef’s hat and cooked burgers and dogs for everyone.

Last, and certainly not least, thanks again to all of the members of SCEC who are truly professional and dedicated, continuing to serve the community. They are the foundation of this organization; if it were not for them, we would cease to exist. You are appreciated and deserve our thanks 52 weeks of the year.

Many thanks to everyone involved!

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