Caudillo, Shelton receive “Extra Mile” Awards

Dispatchers Mattie Caudillo and Coty Shelton recently received the Department’s “Extra Mile” awards for actions taken late last month. While exact details cannot be released because of confidentiality, we can say that it involved a woman and young children who were traveling through Sumner County late at night and were stopped by an area law enforcement officer.

The officer discovered the woman was traveling and badly in need of assistance. The officer himself contributed by putting gasoline in the woman’s car, but it was also found that her children had no car seats as the seats had been stolen. When this was discovered, Dispatchers Mattie Caudillo and Coty Shelton immediately offered up their personal car seats to donate to the motorist in need, indicating they could purchase and replace the car seats the next day. Others on the shift gathered up some snacks from the SCEC Pantry, and Watch Supervisor Ashley Helton drove to the car stop site to deliver the car seats and the snacks.

“This was a selfless act made to ensure those small children continued their journey safety”, said 911 Director John Tracy. “Mattie and Coty make us proud because their action is demonstrative of a true desire to help others.”

“The entire shift swung into action going above and beyond”, continued Tracy.

In addition to the “Extra Mile” award, both Caudillo and Shelton have been nominated for APCO’s “Teammates in Action” award.

Pictured above, left to right, are Dispatcher Shelton, Watch Supervisor Helton, and Dispatcher Caudillo.

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