Throws from old shirts

Sumner County 911 had some old uniform T-Shirts that were headed for the trash can, but a supervisor’s mother saved them. The old T-shirts were cut up and made into lap throws for the dispatchers.

Because of all the electronic equipment in the Dispatch Center that produces heat, heat that can cause equipment malfunctions, the air conditioning has to be set at a low temperature to help keep the equipment cool. While the equipment thrives on it, the dispatchers do not, especially in the winter time.

Sandy Wichman, mother of Watch Supervisor Cara Bishop-Wichman generously took her time to take each shirt, cut them into quilt pieces, and sewed them together to make lap throws for the dispatchers. The re-purposed shirts will now help keep the dispatchers warmer as they field and process your calls for help.

Thank you Mrs. Wichman! It was a very kind, creative, and appreciated gesture!

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