Is your number up?

Is your number up? Can police, fire, or EMS find you in an emergency? Remember, seconds count!

Make sure your house or building number is posted conspicuously so it is visible from the street, and make sure is has an unobstructed view.

When posting on your house or building, the numbers are often above or next to the entry door. Make sure the numbers are large enough they are plainly readable from the street. Numbers are often painted over when the house is painted, often the same color as the house. Make sure the house numbers are a conflicting color from that of the house. It is also helpful to place numbers where they are illuminated by the porch light.

If posting on your mailbox, consider using reflective numbers so they are highly visible at night. And put numbers on both sides of the mailbox so they are visible from any direction of travel.

Help responders help you. Make sure they can quickly find your house in an emergency.

April has been designated as “911 Education Month”. For more information on using 9-1-1, visit our website at

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