25 years ago today…

25 years ago today, Sumner County Emergency Communications took it’s first 9-1-1 call. That’s 175 years if it were Dog 9-1-1. And if you were born on this day, you would have slept 3,044 days, unless you’re a dispatcher, in which case you would have slept for 1,279 days.

Not to dampen anyone’s spirits, but according to Wunderground, the weather on February 10, 1996 saw a high of 59 degrees with a low of 40. (We’d take the 40 right now).

So today we’re going to be posting some history of the agency, along with some fun facts, collected by Watch Supervisor Ashley Stevenson, about what happened in history in 1996. So watch your posts.

And thank you for your support the last quarter century!

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