Also that year…

The Southern Transcon is one of the nation’s busiest rail corridors and connects Los Angeles and southern California with Chicago, IL. The Southern Transcon is operated by the Burlington Northern Santa Fe (BNSF) Railway Co., and runs through Sumner County with 90 to 100 trains each day.

Before it was BNSF, it was the Atchison, Topeka, and Santa Fe (AT&SF) Railway, but in 1996, the AT&SF merged with the Burlington Northern Railway Co. to become BNSF. As of 2009, the BNSF has 32,500 miles of track in 28 states.

Also that year, their Royal Highnesses, Prince Charles and Princess Diana of Wales divorced at the High Court of Justice in London.

In 1996, there were only about 100,000 websites, and “Ask Jeeves” was the fictional valet for the search engine, compared to over 2 billion (about 400 million active) websites today. We didn’t have a website then…but we do now. Check us out at

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