More trivia

In 1996…

…One of the worst blizzards hit the northeast killing more than 150 people. Philadelphia received a record 30.7 inches of snow, New York City closed it’s public schools for the first time in 18 years, and the federal government in Washington D.C. closed for several days.

…The American Embassy in Athens, Greece came under mortar fire

…A “nail bomb” exploded at Centennial Olympic Park in Atlanta killing one person and injuring 111

…The remains of a man who lived 8,000 to 9,000 years ago were discovered in Kennewick, Washington and were named the “Kennewick Man”

…Incumbent Democratic President Bill Clinton defeated Republican challenger Bob Dole, former Kansas Senator

…and if this were 1996, I would email this info to you on my brand new Hotmail account (how many of you still have Hotmail? I know one!) or posted it on MySpace, both of which were established in 1996.

…and data sent back by the Galileo space probe indicated there may be water on one of Jupiter’s moons.

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