Ybarra one of Kansas APCO’s “Shooting Star”

Sumner County Dispatcher Callie Ybarra was recognized by the Kansas Chapter of APCO as a “Shooting Star”.

While off duty on August 15, 2021, Dispatcher Callie Ybarra witnessed a driver having a medical emergency. She later described that his pick-up was not moving in traffic, and other motorists were having to go around him; he eventually began moving again but slowly veered off the roadway toward some trees before stopping.

She stopped to check on the driver, and found that he was slumped over in the front seat, with the doors locked, and did not appear to be conscious or breathing. She took the initiative to use the small sliding segment on the back window to make entry into the vehicle before she and others pulled him from the cab.

Once out of the vehicle, she said his skin was visibly blue in color, and he was confirmed to be apneic. She called 911 and began performing CPR.

Had Dispatcher Ybarra not stopped on her way to a family outing, investigated the situation, found a way to make entry into his vehicle, and performed effective CPR, it seems likely that he would not have survived. Because of Dispatcher Ybarra’s quick thinking and decisive actions, this man left the scene via EMS, breathing under his own power.

Dispatcher Ybarra is in the business of saving lives, but in this case, she answered a call to action on her own time and found a way around obstacles that would have stopped many others.”

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