July 10, 1995

Sumner County’s first 9-1-1 dispatchers began training on July 10, 1995, but the 9-1-1 system had yet been completed by the end of their six months training. Dispatchers began performing dispatch duties for the Sheriff’s Office until the February 10, 1996 “go live” date when 9-1-1 was actually turned on and became available to the citizens.

Also in 1996, Pokemon was introduced to the world, and suspected “Unabomber” Theodore “Ted” Kaczynski was captured at his cabin in Montana. Raise your hand if you remember those!

This photo shows what a dispatcher’s workstation looked like in 1995. With advances in technology, dispatchers now have six computer screens they have to monitor.

25 years ago today…

25 years ago today, Sumner County Emergency Communications took it’s first 9-1-1 call. That’s 175 years if it were Dog 9-1-1. And if you were born on this day, you would have slept 3,044 days, unless you’re a dispatcher, in which case you would have slept for 1,279 days.

Not to dampen anyone’s spirits, but according to Wunderground, the weather on February 10, 1996 saw a high of 59 degrees with a low of 40. (We’d take the 40 right now).

So today we’re going to be posting some history of the agency, along with some fun facts, collected by Watch Supervisor Ashley Stevenson, about what happened in history in 1996. So watch your posts.

And thank you for your support the last quarter century!

Administrative phone lines to be upgraded

The Administrative Phone Lines will be upgraded this afternoon and evening starting at approximately 5p.m. The Administrative Lines will not be answered during this time. THIS DOES NOT AFFECT 9-1-1 SERVICE…YOU CAN STILL DIAL 9-1-1 TO RECEIVE A RESPONSE FROM POLICE, FIRE, EMS, OR EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT.

If you have an urgent issue or question that cannot wait during this period, go ahead and call 9-1-1 to reach a dispatcher. We will post when the upgrade has been completed and administrative lines are back in service.

Again, this does NOT affect 9-1-1 service…only the administrative numbers to the dispatch center. We appreciate your cooperation and patience during this time.

2020 Statistics

During the 2020 year, Sumner County Emergency Communications received 16,704 9-1-1 calls, of which 99.8% were answered on the first ring. In addition, SCEC conducted 37,547 inbound and outbound administrative calls.

A total of 50,213 entries into the CAD System (Computer Aided Dispatch) were made during the year which includes 9-1-1 calls, field generated events, traffic stops, weather events, etc.

Over eighty percent of the 9-1-1 calls came from wireless devices, while only 14.4% of the calls came from hard wired landline telephones. 9-1-1 calls were up 3% from 2019.

Beyond the Console

Now that Christmas is over and suprises won’t be spoiled. here is a photo of just a few of the gifts purchased with the Beyond the Console fundraiser (most had already been wrapped). The family was also provided with Christmas dinner. Thank you to everyone who supported the project.